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Is HRweb’s data secure?

Yes. We are following the strictest industry standards by having server(s) stored in secure data center(s). We employ additional measures utilizing firewalls (hardware & software), providing a secure login, and encrypting sensitive data. As part of being a partner with ADP and Intuit, we go through extensive security audits on a regular basis.

How are geographic differences handled for different countries / time zones?

The default time zone will be displayed based on GMT. You can change the default time zone by clicking on the Settings link and selecting Account Settings. From the Account Settings screen, you can also change regional settings like changing SSN or Zip Code to SIN or Postal Code depending on your country. If you have employees working in different time zones, you can change their time zone by going to Settings and selecting Employee Permissions.

If I am using ManagerAssistant and decide to purchase HRweb, can I upload data from ManagerAssistant to HRweb?

Yes. Our support staff will upload your data to HRweb at no charge. In most cases, your data will be uploaded to your new HRweb account the same day you sign up.

How do I assign an accrual plan to my employees?

To assign your accrual plan, go to ‘Employees’ and select the employee’s name. On the right, select the ‘Assign Plan’ link above the Time-off Accrual table. This will take you the Accrual Assignment page where you may select the plan, starting date, starting balances, and any used hours.

How do I request time off in HRweb?

First, go to ‘Attendance’ module. Next you can double click on the starting date on the month view or select the ‘Add New’ button on the upper right of the screen. This will open a new attendance request and you’ll be able to select the attendance type, start date, and end date. Once complete, click the ‘Save Changes’ button and the request will be sent to your manager for approval.

Once an employee requests time off, how do I approve it?

Log into HRweb, select the ‘Attendance’ module. Once on the month view, the unapproved attendance requests will be shown with a cross-hatched pattern. To approve the request, select the request from the month view by double clicking on it. Then select the ‘Approved’ check box and the Save Changes button. Your employee will be sent an email notifying them of the approval. If you have multiple requests to approve, our Express Approval section can be used to approve/deny multiple requests at one time.

How do I delete an attendance request?

To delete an attendance request, you will need to go to the List View within the Attendance module. You will be able to see all the attendance requests listed. Click the Delete link on the far right of the list. Once the request is deleted, attendance balances will automatically be adjusted.

How to I update my payment information?

Go to Settings and select Update Payment Information to enter you new payment information.

How do I give my employee’s access to HRweb?

Go to Settings and select Employee Permissions. Then select the employee’s name. Within the Roles and Permissions section, you may set the permissions for each employee by module. Once permissions have been set, you can use the ‘Enable Login’ link located on the right side of the screen in the Action Menu. This will send the employee their username and temporary password.

Why would an employee have trouble logging into HRweb?

There could be many reasons why they cannot log into HRweb. I would begin by checking their permissions and making sure they are enabled for login. Next from Permissions, select their name and see if their account has been locked out due to too many incorrect login attempts. Lastly, check their employee record and look in the ‘Status’ section. Make sure a termination date is not listed and that their status is not listed as Inactive or Terminated.

I’ve hit the maximum number of employees. How do I change my subscription to allow more employees?

To increase your subscription, go to Settings and scroll down to ‘Subscription Plan’ located in the Account and Billing section. Once you click the link, simply choose you new subscription level, agree to the terms, and press Save Changes. It will display your new charges at the bottom and your account will be adjusted for future billing.

How can I display employee names as Last, First?

Go to Settings and select Account Settings. A drop down menu will allow you to choose display format.

How can I configure reminder settings?

Many dates throughout HRweb have reminders associated with them. To the right of these dates, you’ll see an icon. By clicking on the icon, you can modify the reminder date or specify email options.

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As a growing company, HRweb has helped us take our HR to another level. With HRweb we have automated many of the recertification and tests that our team needs to take, automated scheduling and payroll, and have access to our staff records from any place at anytime! Not only have we lowered the human error factor significantly, but we have also gained countless man hours that were spent digging through files, sending emails to staff, scheduling for the week, and processing payroll. I haven’t even mentioned the customer service, yet. We are able to call anytime to ask a simple or complicated question, and we get an answer. We’re not referred to an automatic system or to a FAQ or Help file, we are given a solid answer by a real person. It is the best decision that we’ve made as a company.

Humam A., Chief Operating Officer
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