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Track Employee Behavior

Track Employee Behavior

Track Incidents, Accomplishments, Behavior and Training History

Document employee activities and effectively track employee behavior. Incident tracking is essential and it’s important to be proactive when dealing with excessive absenteeism, accidents, and other issues that may arise. You can log incidents of excessive tardiness and customer complaints, while documenting employee accomplishments, printing certificates and cataloguing rewards. Tracking behavior and recognizing accomplishments are essential parts of improving employee morale and retention. Also, HRweb lets you track the entire training history of your employees from the moment they are hired.

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As a growing company, HRweb has helped us take our HR to another level. With HRweb we have automated many of the recertification and tests that our team needs to take, automated scheduling and payroll, and have access to our staff records from any place at anytime! Not only have we lowered the human error factor significantly, but we have also gained countless man hours that were spent digging through files, sending emails to staff, scheduling for the week, and processing payroll. I haven’t even mentioned the customer service, yet. We are able to call anytime to ask a simple or complicated question, and we get an answer. We’re not referred to an automatic system or to a FAQ or Help file, we are given a solid answer by a real person. It is the best decision that we’ve made as a company.

Humam A., Chief Operating Officer
Source: Capterra

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